The Realms

The world of Éras is composed of many different realms.  Our game is set in the Ephemeral Realm, where Humans reside; however, other races populate the Realms Between, a series of mysterious other-worlds accessible only through a door in the sky, a gate leading deep underground, or other, often magical means.

The Eternal Realm is where the Gods reside, which is rumored to be located in the sky above Éras. No mortal has ever traveled to the Eternal Realm, and the means by which the gods travel to and from that realm remains a mystery. The closest that mortals shall ever come to touching the god’s realm is after their final deaths, when it is believed that the spirits of the good are fixed into the night sky as stars.
The Ephemeral Realm is where humans and animals live. It is comprised of the countries of Braelin, Zikari, Xiros, Caprina, and Seren. Each race was made during the collision of two gods, with a single exception—Humans. They are the only race that incorporates three forces: Body, Spirit, and Magic. It is this difference that sets Humans apart and makes them unique.

Anamesa is a realm of fire and ice where the Allos live. The Allos were the first mortal beings of Éras, created when the trickster Gold God caused the White and Silver Gods to collide. They are curiously fragile, although it is rumored that they will live for many, many years if left unscathed by illness, accident, or beast. Anamesa, it has been told, can be entered and exited through a door in the sky—a many-colored, ever-shifting door visible only at night, only in the farthest reaches of the north.

Prytania is a realm of elements and spirit which is comprised of many disconnected parts and which overlaps with other realms in many places. The landscapes of Prytania are varied, ranging from warm beaches and foggy forests to eerily flat metallic plains and scalding volcanic calderas. A distinct feature of this realm is its ubiquitous open gates that join the otherwise disjointed regions and connect Prytania to other realms of existence. Many strange and wonderful creatures are native to Prytania, including exotic animals, elemental incarnations, ethereal beings, and the Prytanis, a race of people created by the collision of the Brown and Black Gods. Rumors abound that the landscapes of Prytania may not be entirely stable, and that large pieces of the realm suddenly materialize or wink out of existence.

Skiazo is tucked so far and so deep within the Paranomos Mountains as to be inaccessible to Humans except by gate. The Skōti reside here, a race of beings created in the collision of the Silver and Black Gods. It is unknown whether they are made of runes or whether they simply cover themselves entirely in runic tattoos; either way, they are talented warriors, their natural strength augmented by the power of the runes.

Thymia is home of the Thymos, created by the collision of the Black and Gold Gods. Thymia is the least accessible of the Realms Between, though it can sometimes be glimpsed through mirrors. The Thymos themselves are curious manifestations of the chaotic nature of their homeland and can be seen in mirrors, mimicking exactly the mortal looking in at them. Sometimes mortals are able to catch a glimpse of a tree in the background, but not always.