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Caprina is a relatively large island-nation located about 150 miles off of Braelin’s southern coast; on extremely clear days, from the right vantage points, it is just visible from Southlight, Stemma, and parts of Gavell as a dark green line on the far horizon. The majority of the island seems to consist of steep mountains or hills, but the coastal areas are dominated by mostly insurmountable, rocky cliffs and thick forests, shrouding the particulars of the island’s geography from view.

Almost nothing is known about the island’s culture; it has enough resources to remain completely self-sufficient and adheres strictly to a policy of total isolation. Although Braelin, Seren, and Xiros have each sent expeditions to the island in the past—to establish diplomatic relationships, to map the land, or to seize the island by force—none have been successful in their goals. Those few teams who return alive report that they were unable to penetrate the island’s vast coastal forests before being repelled by the Caprinans’ ruthless hit-and-run military squadrons. Significantly, the natives refuse to take prisoners or to show any mercy to outsiders; because of this, other nations consider the Caprinans a hopelessly vicious and bloodthirsty people.

Seren is Braelin’s eastern neighbor, a vast country governed by an emperor; its current ruler is named Levente Rósza. Some emperors are wise and just, some are corrupt, and some are insane, but all of them are ambitious—rulers come to power by surviving a one-on-one death match with the current emperor. Understandably, military conquest and colonization are Seren’s main goals, but so far its power has remained successfully in-check by the more or less equal might of Braelin. Still, Braelinese citizens face regular Serenite raids by land or sea; victims are robbed of valuables and food, and then either killed or taken prisoner as slaves.

The country itself is massive, but only a small portion of the arid center and the mountainous northern regions are habitable. Because of poor soil quality and frequent warfare, most Serenites live in or around the capital city, Belváros, and along its nearby coastline. Although the country is rich in ores, food shortages are common and Seren is often forced to trade its coal and other goods for Braelinese foodstuffs. Attire is simple—a sleeveless shirt-like tunic, trousers, and cloaks—with embellishments in the form of colorful dyes, copper bracelets, and tattooing in lines and curves. According to the Serenites, honor, fearlessness, and glory are the most important traits to cultivate.