Professions Part III & a Few Last Things

The third and final batch of professions has arrived!

Dabbling (Noble)
Herald (Artisan, Conditional)
Hunter (Common)
Inventor (Artisan)
Judge (Noble, Appointed)
Miner (Common)
Patron (Noble)
Performer (Common, Conditional)
Rune Scholar (Artisan)
Scribe (Artisan, Conditional)
Shaman (Common)
Smuggler (Common)
Spy (Conditional)

Crimson Tear Mercenary (Common)
Errant Hunter Mercenary (Common)
FANG Mercenary (Common)

Tavern Guard (Common, Conditional)
Tavern Help (Common, Conditional)

A few last things…

As we come to the end of this long road, I’d like to thank everyone for bearing with us through the different revisions and restructurings that have taken place within the game’s systems. With this release, we are officially done making any more large-scale sweeping changes to our mechanics; any changes henceforth will be minor tweaks only, as dictated by necessity.

A general summary of changes:

  • Many professions gained a per-event stipend–check it out, maybe you’re making more money now!
  • A few CP costs for professions-specific skills were adjusted, always down–do we owe you any CP refunds?
  • Almost every crafting profession now has a Supplemental Guide about how to craft in-game items within that profession–do you need a copy of yours?
  • New or recently-new professions that have been added include: Animal Caretaker, Dabbling, Patron, and Retainer.
  • Professions that underwent notable changes include: Diplomat, Herald, Hunter, Inventor, Magic Hunter, Miner, Performer, and Saboteur.
  • Trap-maker was discontinued as a profession; the methods by which devices are created have been reclassified as “secret knowledge” held by the Fabricators Guild.
  • Tracker is completely intact but has been incorporated into Hunter.

Please take a look through the professions, make sure that you’re aware of any changes that affect your character, and email if you have any questions or comments.

Professions Part II, plus Updates to Travel & BGS Plans

Another batch of professions, with more to come within the next day or so.

Assassin (Conditional)
Barrister (Noble)
Brewer (Artisan)
Cook (Artisan)
Courier (Common, Conditional)
Diplomat (Noble, Conditional)
Furrier (Common, Conditional)
Interrogator (Common)
Knight (Noble, Conditional)
Magic Hunter (Common, Conditional)
Retainer (Appointed)
Saboteur (Common)

Additionally, regarding travel during between-game periods, the following rule will immediately take effect:

Characters who have not specifically arranged a means of travel are restricted to actions within the duchy of Stemma between-games. This restriction is waived for any character who:

  • owns a horse in good health;
  • arranges to borrow a healthy horse from another character (a friend, employer, liege, etc);
  • signs up for a specific BGS task with an NPC (or “NPC-sponsored” player, such as a diplomat), who is understood to be responsible for making arrangements on your behalf;
  • makes specific arrangements with an NPC during the event prior to the between-game period in question; or
  • pays for passage on a wagon or ship (a sign-up sheet with fees will be posted in the tavern for the duration of each event).

Professions Part I

The final step in cementing our rules and systems update for good involves professions! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing batches of professions documents in their completely current, finalized forms. Many people will notice little or no change to their professions, or have already been brought up-to-date on revisions on an individual basis, but of course you may feel free to contact us with any questions or comments via email (

Animal Caretaker (Common)
Appraiser (Common)
Blacksmith (Artisan, Conditional)
Crier (Common, Appointed)
Delegate (Appointed)
Diviner (Common)
Dyer (Common)
Gravedigger (Common)
Jeweler (Artisan)
Mayor (Appointed)
Poisoner (Artisan)
Royal Mage (Noble, Conditional)

Town Watch:
Forester (Common, Appointed)
Deputy (Common, Appointed)
Foot Soldier (Common)
Auxiliary Soldier (Common)

Demarcations of Status in Braelin

Every noble wears a pin with their heraldic crest over their heart, but those aren’t the only demarcations of status in the kingdom of Braelin. While these are not the be-all-end-all of symbols, they are often seen and easy for uses of identification.

Town or City Positions

Town Watch: A whistle worn on a cord around the neck.

Crier: Cravat in the primary color of the house served (no crest).

Courier: Gold and purple sash with the symbol of the monarchy.

Noble Household

Nobles and commoners who serve a particular noble house.

Diplomat: Sash across the chest, either in the colors of the household served, or a plain color with the coat of arms pinned/embroidered across.

Herald: Square silk scarf or cravat in the color of the household served, or pinned/emroidered with the coat of arms.

Retainer: Belt favor in the colors of the household served.

Noble Peerage

Nobles dedicated to the orders of knights or mages.

Squire: Thin, unadorned silver chain worn around the neck & badge of their knight master’s coat of arms worn on the upper right arm.

Knight: Thick, unadorned gold chain & (often) a shield with the coat of arms of their liege lord.

Retired Knight/Mage: Thick, unadorned black chain.

Brigadier Knight/Mage: Purple/Green neck ribbon with a white moonstone pendant.

General Knight/Mage: Silver chain of office (large links) set with white moonstone and winegrain/magepith.

High General Knight/Mage: Gold chain of office set with white moonstone and winegrain/magepith.

Off-Site Gatherings

Hello everyone, as we move into the off-season there have been discussions of having “off-site Eras gatherings” to help people quench their thirst for more LARP. I would like to formally acknowledge that the Eras Chronicles gives official approval for a player organized gathering outside of the normal Eras schedule as long as the following criteria are met:

1.) If any member of the Eras Chronicles Staff is invited to the gathering, the gathering must be made open to everyone associated with the game to attend and must be formally announced on the facebook page.

2.) If any member of the Eras Chronicles Staff is to attend a gathering, that staff member will be participating as a “Gathering NPC” who will only appear during gatherings performed outside of normal Eras events. These NPC’s will be available via letters but will not be present in game. If anyone has specific questions on this policy please direct them to

A few skills additions and tweaks

Retreat, improved (2)  Pre-requisite: Retreat. Treat a Pierce as though it were an Unstoppable Takedown; treat a Slaughter as though it were an Unstoppable Cleave. Learnable physical skill retroactively applying to all purchases of the Retreat skill.

Quick death (2+)  Instead of counting “Death strike one, death strike two, death strike three,” you may instead call “Death” in any situation you might otherwise have applied a death strike. Learnable open skill. Countered by Thick-blooded.

The following clause has been added to the Shamanic sight ability: You may inspect someone in order to determine conclusively whether or not they have died within the past 24 hours. You cannot tell how they died, just whether or not they did.

Spell regeneration:
The following applies to any and all casters. If, during an encounter, you completely whiffed a spell or spells (ie, missed your target entirely), you may take 10 minutes in a non-combat zone to rest, relax, and/or meditate. At the end of the 10 minutes, you regain the use of your whiffed spell(s).

Professions update
The required training component for crafting professions such as blacksmith and furrier has been removed. Instead, these professions will progress like other crafting professions such as brewer, poisoner, and rune scholar, via the in-game practice of the profession in question.

Furthermore, unlocking a new level in a profession automatically unlocks all associated skills for purchase. Please note that you will not unlock the associated skills or benefits (including stipends) until you have unlocked and purchased the appropriate level.

Finally, from this point forward, characters are limited to 2 non-appointed professions. Appointed professions–such as mayor, foot soldier (non-officer), crier, judge, etc–do not count toward this cap. This is to reflect the reality that trying to hold down 2 jobs at a time is difficult even for the most organized person.