New Players!

Welcome to the Eras Chronicles! There’s a lot of info around here and a whole world fit for exploring, it can get a little overwhelming at times. So, to make things easier on you, please read through this little overview to get pointed in the right direction! (There’s also this handy FAQ)

The Rulebook

Our rulebook pdf can be found in the left-hand column and yes, we know that it’s a lot to take in! That being said, much of the information in it is also broken down into easier to manage bites here on the website, and we are always working to improve and streamline it for easier reading. Give it at least a read-through before your first event and you’ll be sure to feel much more comfortable in the game. There are also several appendices with extra lore and information, and, of course, stories! These, will round out your knowledge of the world (like holidays!) and help your character seem less like a character, and more like a citizen of Braelin.

Creating a new character requires several steps, and some decision making on the part of the player. Just to make things easier, we’re providing an outline to walk you through the process!

Character Creation Explained

  • Open up the Player-Character Information Sheet (you can e-mail staff if you require it in a non-Word format.)
  • Please fill out each category, this will provide staff with necessary information about both you and your character.
  • Select a primary, secondary, and tertiary focus. These will determine the costs of the skills under each focus tree, and how long it will take you to train more advanced skills.
  • Select a class: noble, artisan, peasant, this will open up professions for your character (and maybe even let you unlock one for free), as well as your starting package of coin.
  • You have 15 unlock points to play with, a detailed explanation of them can be found in the rulebook. But, to put them simply, you may unlock a skill in your primary focus for as many unlock points as it costs cp, this changes as you move into your secondary and tertiary focuses.
  • You also have 25 character points to buy skills, 26 if you submit a history (you should write a history, it’s worth it.)
  • Select a profession (optional), some require an in-game lesson to unlock, some require unlock points, almost all require cp.
  • Pick some skills.
  • Submit the document as an attachment to
  • Get a costume together (feel free to ask for help, staff knows lots of tricks for getting/making cheap pieces)!
  • Get your hands on your boffer weapon of choice. You can use the basic guide on our How-To page to make your own, message staff ahead of time to rent one for $5, or ask for help getting directed to have one made for you!