Dexterity Skills

Acrobatics (1+) Avoid failing an agility-based challenge, falling damage, or device effects; or counter a Disengage.

Climb (2) “Climb” a tree to avoid direct melee strikes. Can still be affected by projectiles.

Conceal (1+) Hide 1 small object per purchase of this skill somewhere on your person. Countered by Reveal.

Disarm (1+) A melee strike causing a target to toss a weapon or buckler aside. Countered by Parry.

Disengage (1+) A melee call causing all targets within a 5-foot radius to back away 5 full steps. Countered by Acrobatics.

Escape (3) Free yourself from Bind, Incapacitate, or Pin after 1 minute, and take no falling damage.

Escape bonds (0) Pre-requisite: Primary Dexterity focus. Free yourself from ropes, shackles, manacles, or other bonds after 10 seconds.

Espionage (4) Gain 5 “spy points” to allocate into different tasks as a between-game skill.

Florentine (1) Wield a dagger or cudgel in tandem with any 1-handed weapon.

Handle device (2) Disarm, move, and/or re-set any in-game devices. Only characters with this skill may successfully handle an un-triggered device. Additionally, receive 15 caltrops at check-in the event after purchasing.

Lock-picking (2) Solve playing card-based puzzles to pick non-magical in-game locks. Difficulty of puzzles are scaled to match complexity of lock design.

Pain (1+) A melee strike causing a target extreme, debilitating pain for 5 seconds. Countered by Parry.

Poison (2) Apply toxins or poisons to any bladed weapon. Only characters with this skill may successfully apply toxins or poisons to weaponry without poisoning themselves. Additionally, receive 2 randomly selected poisons at check-in the event after purchasing.

Reveal (2) After 1 minute of role-play, determine the number of concealed items on a person plus 1 of those items.

Stifle (2+) Call: “Silence.” A melee strike rendering a target incapable of making any noise for 5 minutes, or until Tended. Countered by Parry.

Subdue (2+) Call: “Knockout.” A stealth-based melee strike delivered to the center of a target’s back that causes them to fall unconscious.