Physical Skills

Armor expertise (3) Gain 5 armor points above your normal armor value that may be repaired through 1 minute of role-play.

Buckler (2) Use a buckler in tandem with a 1-handed weapon.

Cheap vitality (0) Pre-requisite: Primary Physical focus. Vitality never increases in cost for you.

Cleave (3+) A melee strike dealing 5 torso damage. Countered by Parry.

Flurry (4+) Over a period of 5 minutes, call up to 10 of any 1 physical-focus melee skill costing 2 cp or less, in succession, without moving faster than a brisk walk.

Maim (2+) A melee strike breaking a target’s limb, rendering it completely unusable until Tended. Countered by Parry.

Parry (2+) Counter and negate a Cleave, Destroy, Disarm, Dispel magic, Maim, Pain, Pin, Silence, Stun, Takedown, or Weaken. Counters calls delivered via melee strikes only.

Pierce (4+) A melee strike delivered to a target’s torso area causing them to lose 1 armor point and all remaining vitality, and to fall unconscious.

Repair (2) After 30 seconds of role-play, use: 1 crafted leather piece to repair 1 leather or fur armor point; 1 crafted ring to repair 1 chainmail or plate armor point; 1 crafted ring to repair 1 arrow, cudgel, dagger, or thrown weapon; 2 crafted rings to repair 1 buckler or 1-handed weapon; 3 crafted rings to repair 1 shield or 2-handed weapon; and a number of crafted rings equal to a lock’s number to repair a non-magical lock.

Stun (2+) A melee strike causing a target to stand stunned for 5 seconds. Countered by Parry.

Takedown (1+) A melee strike delivered via blunt weapon knocking a target prone–their shoulder blades must touch the ground before they can recover. May be delivered via 2-handed bladed weapons with special training. Countered by Parry.

Toughness (3) Take 2 torso hits instead of 1 before falling unconscious.

Two weapon (2) Wield any 2 one-handed weapons simultaneously.