Notes from the GM’s

When Adam and I first discussed the ideas that have become the Éras Chronicles, we never expected to start a game. I was voraciously reading about LARPs from around the world, Adam was devising a character-building system that was a radical departure from anything we’d seen in other games, and both of us were eager to talk about it. There were a lot of strange, wonderful concepts bouncing around, but it was really just spit-balling. Suddenly, though, we stopped and realized that we truly had something here, that a whole world and mechanical system had formed—and I was incredibly excited, because I knew that, in taking the game from concept to reality and allowing others to continue building on our foundation, Éras was going to become something special.

Now, I could describe how Éras is awesome and different, but honestly, I’d rather you read the rulebook and decide for yourself what you think. Instead, I would like to summarize my personal vision and motivations for running Éras—my manifesto, as it were.

I believe that the true essence of a LARP is sometimes obscured when different elements of the game—mechanics, rules, background stories, superficial encounters—interfere; but that, at its very heart and soul, the game is and must always be about the interactions between its participants, with one another as well as the larger world. It is the sum of everything that happens from the moment that an event begins to the moment it ends which truly matters; and it is the collaboration between all participants, player and staff alike, that make the game what it is.
And so, I’d like to invite you to take part in our game, to help develop the world upon which it is founded. More than anything else, I look forward to seeing what we can create.

Hilary Umbreit
General Manager
October 9, 2012

Back in early 2012, thanks in large part to Hilary, I started taking an interest in LARP theory. At this point I had held a significant role on one game’s staff and played in a few others, and had come up with some ideas about how I would build a LARP. So naturally, guided by my left brain, I put together a system of mechanics designed to allow people the freedom to completely customize their characters, but which was balanced enough to ensure a level playing field.

Éras finally became real to me when we decided to name it. Until that point, we had been creating the framework of this fictitious LARP as a sort of thought experiment. Over time, though, we both became attached to the idea and slowly Éras gained depth and substance; we went from discussing simple things like character progression and lore to logistical details like potential campsites and assistant managers. And so, lo and behold, here we are almost a year later, on the cusp of launching our first event… I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a wee bit excited.

If I had to describe Éras in one word, it would be “freedom”—freedom to build a character with the exact skills you want, freedom to develop that character however you like, freedom to involve yourself as much or as little as you wish. Éras is a game that will only go as far for you as you are willing to take it, and we have an excellent staff who are ready to allow you to do so. To me, Éras is still an experiment—one that has shifted from theory to practice, and one which I am inviting you to help us keep developing. I think everyone has a lot to contribute and a lot to gain from a game like Éras. Above all, I want everyone to strive to take ownership of this game—because, at the end of the day, it is just as much yours as it is ours.

Adam Selby
General Manager
October 9, 2012