The Faire Play Campground (website) is located in Montrose, Pennsylvania, approximately two and a half hours north of Philadelphia and an hour and a half north of the Poconos/Stroudsburg area.  It consists of forty-two total acres of forest and fields.  Two paths lead down to a small valley and a river bisects the main area of the site from the wooded areas.

At this time, the campsite has six cabins (five for player use), each of which can sleep four to six people.  Every cabin is insulated and wired for basic electricity, with two 20-amp circuits per cabin.  Players are therefore able and encouraged to bring space heaters if they so desire; please note that the Éras Chronicles will not provide space heaters but some may be around for use!  The main building of the site contains the main tavern, known in game as The Silver Raven, and several rooms. These rooms are reserved for characters of noble birth, and, if there is space: managers of The Silver Raven, government officials, and noble retainers. Each of these four rooms sleep anywhere from four to six a piece.  These rooms, like the cabins, are insulated and wired for electricity.

pThe bunks in the cabins and rooms are sturdy and constructed of wood.  However, bedding is never provided.  For this reason, we urge players to bring pillows, sleeping bags, and anything else they may need for their comfort.

In the basement of the main building is a shower room, which has two large shower stalls and two sinks.  Bathroom facilities are currently three portajohns; they are cleaned and emptied before each weekend.

Since the campground is relatively new, we ask participants to be understanding and patient as construction is ongoing.  Among the improvements we can expect to see in the near future are the following:
– Moving walls and more extensive decoration in mod areas
– Additional mod spaces and buildings in the woods
– A fully realized and elaborate smithy
– Trail-blazing and improvements in the woods