Rates & Fees

Throughout the year there will be four weekend-long events, as well as a possible one-day event in the off season. Below are the rates for the Éras Chronicles’s weekend events.  Weekend event prices cover the cost of entry into the game, lodging, and all meals, including snacks. Players may pay via cash, check, or PayPal.

$75 At the Door
$60 Pre-Pay

Pay Now

Cancellation Policies

Because the game suffers a direct and significant financial loss when a player or group of players cancels at the last minute, we have a very specific set of cancellation policies:

Anyone who cancels within two (2) weeks of an event that he or she has already paid for has two options.  The player may request 50% of the payment back, or may credit the full amount toward a future event.  Anyone who cancels before this two-week timeframe may request a full refund without penalty.

Anyone who cancels within two (2) weeks of an event at which he or she intends to pay at the door is given a rules warning (“late cancellation”).  After accruing two (2) rules warnings (“late cancellation”), that player may no longer opt to pay at the door.  This prohibition remains in place for four (4) events.