Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of repeat questions and commonly mistaken bits of info at Eras! This is to save staff the time to answer these questions, and provide you with a quick reference (save the wading through the rulebook for more in-depth questions). Any other information can be found here on the website, in the Rulebook, or by contacting the staff.

In-Game Questions

Q. Who rules Braelin?

The current ruler is King Darien Odell, otherwise known as the ‘Steward King’. He is in his late 20’s and has been on the throne for several years, succeeding after the death of King Nicholas. Rulers are chosen by the Purple God, there is no familial succession as there is in normal noble titles.

Q. Where does the game take place?

In the town of Ravensgate, located in County Marcheford, the Duchy of Stemma. The town is located on the road connecting the port city of Revma to the capital, Esos.


Q. How do I address a noble?

While a good “my lord” or “my lady” will squeeze you by in most situations, there are many different titles, and thus, many different addresses (The Hierarchy of Braelin’s Nobility). We absolutely don’t expect you to memorize all of this, but a proper address makes a good impression.

Q. Do I have to follow a god/the gods?

No, the game does not require you to show any interest in the gods, nor will any character try to force you to become a follower. You can follow all, one, or none, whatever your heart desires, but people may look at you funny if you claim to be an athiest (the gods pop up in the world from time to time).

Q. How do I denote my character’s status?

Commoners and artisans are not notably different apart from how people choose to costume their character, and even that is subject to change between the duchies. A Blacknall commoner may be covered in thick furs while a Southlightee artisan may be only in cotton. Nobles, however, must always wear their family crest in the form of a small pin on their chest. And, if someone is carrying a full size shield, you can guess that they’re a knight.


Q. Is it better to play one class over the others?

Choosing a class is all about what you feel like playing. Sure, a noble squire may start with more money than an artisan brewer, but chances are that squire will have to pay to upkeep their horse, enter jousts, and be expected to behave a certain way or marry a certain person for their family, while the brewer will maintain more personal freedom and end up with more money at the end of the event (poor nobles are…pretty common). Each class has its own problems and responsibilities, but they all have roles to fill, and no one is better than the others.


Out of Game Questions 

Q. Does the game offer a meal plan?

All meals are included in the event fee, this includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, as well as breakfast on Sunday. There are also snacks served throughout the course of the day, and little treats sold for in-game money. Please feel free to bring snacks for yourself, but refrigerator space is given first to the kitchen manager, then to those with medical needs.


Q. What do I need to bring?

Every player must supply their own costume. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it cannot include any obviously modern clothing (no jeans, sneakers, flannels, visible t-shirts, logos, etc.). We also ask that everyone brings their own boffer weapon. Of course, feel free to ask for help finding or creating either.

Q. Is there a minimum age requirement?

Any participant, staff or player, must be 18 years old by the date of the event’s start. This is both for insurance purposes and the fact that we run a mature game. We’re sorry, but there are absolutely no exceptions.

Q. What do I do if I have a question/don’t understand something during game?

For that we have the call ‘clarify,’ which prompts an explanation. For example, let’s say you’re hit with a slay call to the chest but you don’t know what to do, say ‘clarify’ and the person who threw the slay will explain that you are knocked to 0 vitality and must fall unconscious. This can also be used to ask staffers questions during game, simply pull one aside and ask for a clarify, but please try not to over-use it too much!

Q. What time is game on?

Each event begins with a player meeting at 9:30 PM, on the dot, in the tavern. By this time we expect all players to be checked in, moved in, and in costume (unless you have informed staff that you will be late), because game will begin immediately following. So, in short, approximately 10 PM.

Q. When is game over?

While it varies from event to event, we aim for game off to be in the early afternoon on Sunday, usually between 2-3, with cleanup taking place afterwards.

Q. How do I get more Character Points to spend?

For every full event that you attend, you earn 3 cp, 1 cp if you write a Post Event Letter (PEL) on time, and about 1 cp per hour of setup or cleanup that you help with at that event. You can also earn more by donating objects/food/costuming that staff asks for (some ideas are on the donations page).