Summerrise 1217: The State of Braelin

Summerrise 1217:
State of Braelin

Though the war is over, its echoes can still be felt throughout the world of Éras as various nations, both new and old, rebuild and attempt to stabilize.

Braelin’s newest duchy, Durant, has made a pledge of mutual support with the nation of Obarsza to the north. Whether Duchess Lyfield and Imperatrix Felician truly plan to work together for the benefit of both their lands, or whether this oath is simply for show, remains to be seen. There is hope among the nobles of Durant, as well as Obarsza, that prosperity can be achieved if both fledgling territories work together. Many among the common people, however, remain suspicious. Old grudges between former Caxtoners and Serenites run deep and will likely be difficult to mend.

The Archduchy of Gavell, on the other hand, has been hard at work forging commercial ties with Seren. Many in Braelin have expressed suspicions regarding slavery, which remains legal in Seren, but the Archduchy’s government denies any participation in the trade. A number of loyalist families have decided, surprisingly, to remain in the Archduchy instead of settling in Durant like many of their peers. The reasons for this trend are unclear. Perhaps these families do not have faith that the Archduchy will last, and seek to remain on their ancestral land until it is reabsorbed by Braelin. Perhaps they have found life in the Archduchy to their liking. Perhaps internal social politics or disagreements have stayed their departure. It is difficult to tell.

Though small and relatively quiet on the world scale, Zála appears to be doing quite well, and it represents hope not just to former Serenite slaves but to a small number of war refugees from parts of Braelin that were hit particularly hard by the Beast-people—Blacknall and Hawksworth. Even a few families from both the Archduchy and Braelinese Gavell are rumored to have travelled to Zála, seeking a new beginning.

In Braelinese Gavell, Baron Aurelian Sollers has been named the new Count of Fonteyn by Duke and Duchess Jonathan and Leda Fonteyn. There is talk of changing the name of the duchy, and several names have been put forth, with Bonsecour, Dairelle, Laguerra, and Fidelle as the frontrunners; but as of yet there is no consensus, and the name of the duchy remains Gavell for the time being despite unpleasant associations with the Archduchy.

The matter of Caprina is, of course, the most discussed topic in Braelin. Their Majesty Jintaru Riga continues to rule Braelin, and much of the original opposition to the new monarchy has quieted. Only the loudest voices against Their Majesty Jintaru Riga continue to shout. The Braelinese remain somewhat uneasy about the impending arrival of the epmos, but so far Their Majesty Jintaru Riga has dealt fairly with the people of their new country and has made progress on their edicts. For example, the building of many of their proposed academies is nearing completion, and the first students are expected to arrive toward the end of the summer. Merchants who have applied to do so are being permitted to travel to Caprina over the summer, though the number of ships admitted to the island remains low, as not to overwhelm the people there.

Things seem relatively stable on the whole, but trouble may be brewing with the Xirosi. Their Majesty Jintaru Riga has officially issued a thank-you to the Xirosi mercenaries who assisted in fending off the Beast-people in Hawksworth and Blacknall, followed by a formal request for them to withdraw now that the crisis has passed. In response, the Xirosi have claimed that they wish to remain “until the area is fully secured,” and have made no effort even to pretend to depart.

Many obstacles remain for the people of Braelin as they recover from the war, but will they embrace their new monarch and the future that monarch has planned? Only time will tell…