Winter Developments & Updates: Part 4

By Order of Their Majesty Jintaru Riga: Third Edict

The country of Braelin has struggled and sacrificed valiantly in the name of war, but the time has now come to turn our hearts and minds toward peace. To this end, the following shall henceforth be true:

  • An official cessation of hostilities has been declared between Braelin and the Serenite empire. Diplomats have been dispatched from Revma to meet the Serenites in the annexed Braelinese territory east of the Caxton Wall, to determine the various logistical questions created by the war’s end.
  • Braelin hereby reaffirms its recognition of the sovereignty of the Nation of Zála, and its alliance therewith.
  • Braelin hereby reaffirms its ongoing alliance with the country of Xiros.
  • Braelin hereby announces its intention to create and foster beneficial trade and diplomatic relations with the island of Caprina.
  • Braelin hereby recognizes the sovereignty of the Archduchy of Gavell, under the rule of the Archduchess Camille Gavell and their spouse, the Archduke Col Gavell, and releases into its possession all lands in counties Fleet, Eston, and Rondel which are currently held by the subjects of the Archduchy.
    • In exchange, the Archduchess and Archduke Gavell agree to lay down arms, to peaceably and in good faith allow Braelinese loyalists to leave their country by the end of year 1217, and to render due reparations to any nobility who chooses to renounce their ancestral holdings and lands unto the Archduchy. In addition, the Archduchy will not amass military forces exceeding a total force of 1,250 soldiers-at-arms, 750 trained cavalry, and 200 military-trained mages.
    • Braelinese nobility choosing to renounce their ancestral holdings and lands in order to leave the Archduchy will be granted new lands and equivalent titles in the new territory that Braelin has obtained beyond the Caxton Wall.

Any who violate these declarations of peace will be considered guilty of treason and treated as such under the laws of Braelin.