A Logistical Announcement

Dear friends and companions,

The staff of the Éras Chronicles has an important logistical announcement to make. After serious consideration and discussion, we are hereby setting the end-date of the current Éras Chronicles campaign as the end of 2018. We are one and all committed to creating a deservedly worthy end to this campaign, and so this date is a “soft” one–we are prepared to add an extra season or even an additional year if we feel these are warranted in wrapping up the various stories in play. However, it is our intention to make Winter 2018 our final event.

But wait! You will perhaps have noticed that I wrote “current Éras Chronicles campaign” above. That’s because there are several people who are interested in running–for lack of a better term–a sequel campaign. The sequel will be set within Éras as we know and love it, but will take place an as-yet undefined amount of time in the world’s future. As of this point, Adam Selby and Callie Nesbit will be serving as the General Managers of the Éras sequel. It is slated to begin some time in 2019, pending the conclusion of the current campaign.

Because by 2018 I, Hilary, will have been GMing a LARP for 10 years, I will not be returning as a General Manager for the sequel. However, I will definitely be available to lend my support, advice, ideas, and other input as desired by the new team. I also have some ideas for shorter campaigns and one-shots floating around that I plan to develop and run in due time, so rest assured you haven’t seen the last of me yet.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved as staff for the sequel should contact Adam and Callie, who plan to make decisions about their core team of assistant managers by the end of 2017. They can be reached through the email address sequel@eraschronicles.com.

Finally: It is always sad when a good thing comes to an end–and I think that we, as a community, have definitely built a good, beautiful thing over the past four years. And yet how a story ends is arguably its most important part. It is my hope that the next two years of the game will be just as great as everything that has come before. And in the meantime, it has and ever will be an honor and a privilege to helm such a fantastic game among so many incredibly creative, devoted people.

On behalf of the Éras Chronicles staff, I offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has joined us over the course of the campaign, and look forward to what the future will bring.

Yours sincerely,
Hilary Umbreit
General Manager
The Éras Chronicles