Winter Updates & Developments: Part 1

The Westercourt Summit

On 26th Autumnrise, god-chosen Jintaru Riga met with High General Knight Iolanthe la Hale, recently returned from her triumph in Seren; High General Mage Kayton Geary, who traveled from the makeshift seat of government at Glasscourt for the occasion; and the Duchess and Duke of Stemma in House Stemma’s countryside manor, Westercourt.

After a private tea in a sequestered part of Westercourt, the party emerged and the following details were announced:

  • Iolanthe la Hale, Kayton Geary, and the heads of House Stemma have sworn fealty to the new monarch, though Iolanthe la Hale has been said to have remarked later that “monarch-in-waiting” is the correct title until such time as King Darien Odell’s status has been confirmed.
  • Jintaru Riga wishes to be addressed as “Their Majesty Jintaru Riga” or “Their Highness Jintaru Riga,” but not as “Queen Jintaru Riga” or “Queen Jintaru.” Additionally, they have requested that their subjects always address them or refer to them by their full name unless given direct permission to do otherwise–this, apparently, is a Caprinan tradition, and to use only their given name would show disrespect or unearned familiarity.
  • Their Highness Jintaru Riga has stated that they and other Caprinans entering Braelin will respect and use Braelinese titles with the understanding that the Braelinese will make an effort to respect and use Caprinan titles in turn. Further announcements expanding on this point will come in time.
  • Their Highness Jintaru Riga considers it their divine mandate to act as ruler in King Darien Odell’s absence, but is prepared to cede the throne if and when the king appears to re-assume his rightful place.
  • Several edicts will be issued over the forthcoming weeks. Their Highness Jintaru Riga expects all loyal Braelinese citizens to comply, but understands that some adjustments will be necessary, and that this will take time. They remain confident in their subjects’ readiness to do their best and appreciates citizens’ continuing cooperation as the kingdom of Braelin moves forward together.