Summer 2016: The State of Braelin

Summerrise 1216:
The State of Braelin

As the gentle weather of Summerrise arrives, the war between Braelin and Seren rages on!

Having experienced a short but extraordinarily brutal bout of guerilla warfare on the Zikarian Isles, the Serenites who recently invaded the islands left as quickly as they came–to the great joy of the Zikarian peoples, who credit a group known as the Shrouded for much of their success. Yet the beleaguered Braelinese cannot celebrate their allies’ emancipation in earnest, for the Serenite fleet now sails inexorably toward Braelin’s shores, bent on staging a land invasion of Stemma. Braelinese intelligence indicates the fleet will land along the southern coasts of Stemma, from which the Serenite armies will move upward toward Esos.

Despite the continued absence of High General Knight Iolanthe la Hale, currently a captive in Belváros, the Brigadier Generals of the White Lotus have valiantly persevered. Under the leadership of Constantine Stonemoor, their most senior officer, the Order has put forth enormous effort to respond appropriately to the Serenite threat now taking shape along the southern shores. Braelin is doing its best to reorganize its troops in order to defend its heartland, but the Braelinese forces are spread thin whereas the Serenites have been attacking with large and concentrated numbers. As a result of this sudden reorganization, many soldiers and knights have been recalled from the Gavellese front, and the Braelinese loyalists In Gavell have lost ground in the northern portions of the duchy–though their hold on the southern counties remains uncontested. With much of the Braelinese infantry still tied up in Zála, will Braelin be able to repel the attack now aimed at its heart?

To the north, rumors abound about the possibility of attack from the Beast-people who appear to be gathering there–and the suspicion that the Beast-people are being supplied and trained by unscrupulous Xirosi who oppose their current government’s diplomatic efforts. Many people wonder if the newly destabilized County Icemont in Blacknall will be strong enough to withstand an incursion from the north–and perhaps rightly so, as the eldest remaining Erewaker son, Sir Alban Erewaker, has disappeared without a trace while attempting to leave his post in Gavell to return home in the wake of his family’s deaths! The sole heir and member of the family who remains is young Ulrich, and he rides with his knight-master in Stemma…

At home in County Marcheford, reports of strange elemental-looking creatures skulking in the forests around Ravensgate continue to surface. Some observers have gone so far as to claim the creatures can communicate, but this fact has not been established by any reliable source as of yet. Although things continue to look grim, especially with the new alerts regarding the Serenite invasion, the people of County Marcheford and Braelin at large are doing their best to keep up morale…