Professions Part III & a Few Last Things

The third and final batch of professions has arrived!

Dabbling (Noble)
Herald (Artisan, Conditional)
Hunter (Common)
Inventor (Artisan)
Judge (Noble, Appointed)
Miner (Common)
Patron (Noble)
Performer (Common, Conditional)
Rune Scholar (Artisan)
Scribe (Artisan, Conditional)
Shaman (Common)
Smuggler (Common)
Spy (Conditional)

Crimson Tear Mercenary (Common)
Errant Hunter Mercenary (Common)
FANG Mercenary (Common)

Tavern Guard (Common, Conditional)
Tavern Help (Common, Conditional)

A few last things…

As we come to the end of this long road, I’d like to thank everyone for bearing with us through the different revisions and restructurings that have taken place within the game’s systems. With this release, we are officially done making any more large-scale sweeping changes to our mechanics; any changes henceforth will be minor tweaks only, as dictated by necessity.

A general summary of changes:

  • Many professions gained a per-event stipend–check it out, maybe you’re making more money now!
  • A few CP costs for professions-specific skills were adjusted, always down–do we owe you any CP refunds?
  • Almost every crafting profession now has a Supplemental Guide about how to craft in-game items within that profession–do you need a copy of yours?
  • New or recently-new professions that have been added include: Animal Caretaker, Dabbling, Patron, and Retainer.
  • Professions that underwent notable changes include: Diplomat, Herald, Hunter, Inventor, Magic Hunter, Miner, Performer, and Saboteur.
  • Trap-maker was discontinued as a profession; the methods by which devices are created have been reclassified as “secret knowledge” held by the Fabricators Guild.
  • Tracker is completely intact but has been incorporated into Hunter.

Please take a look through the professions, make sure that you’re aware of any changes that affect your character, and email if you have any questions or comments.