Professions Part II, plus Updates to Travel & BGS Plans

Another batch of professions, with more to come within the next day or so.

Assassin (Conditional)
Barrister (Noble)
Brewer (Artisan)
Cook (Artisan)
Courier (Common, Conditional)
Diplomat (Noble, Conditional)
Furrier (Common, Conditional)
Interrogator (Common)
Knight (Noble, Conditional)
Magic Hunter (Common, Conditional)
Retainer (Appointed)
Saboteur (Common)

Additionally, regarding travel during between-game periods, the following rule will immediately take effect:

Characters who have not specifically arranged a means of travel are restricted to actions within the duchy of Stemma between-games. This restriction is waived for any character who:

  • owns a horse in good health;
  • arranges to borrow a healthy horse from another character (a friend, employer, liege, etc);
  • signs up for a specific BGS task with an NPC (or “NPC-sponsored” player, such as a diplomat), who is understood to be responsible for making arrangements on your behalf;
  • makes specific arrangements with an NPC during the event prior to the between-game period in question; or
  • pays for passage on a wagon or ship (a sign-up sheet with fees will be posted in the tavern for the duration of each event).