Professions Part I

The final step in cementing our rules and systems update for good involves professions! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing batches of professions documents in their completely current, finalized forms. Many people will notice little or no change to their professions, or have already been brought up-to-date on revisions on an individual basis, but of course you may feel free to contact us with any questions or comments via email (

Animal Caretaker (Common)
Appraiser (Common)
Blacksmith (Artisan, Conditional)
Crier (Common, Appointed)
Delegate (Appointed)
Diviner (Common)
Dyer (Common)
Gravedigger (Common)
Jeweler (Artisan)
Mayor (Appointed)
Poisoner (Artisan)
Royal Mage (Noble, Conditional)

Town Watch:
Forester (Common, Appointed)
Deputy (Common, Appointed)
Foot Soldier (Common)
Auxiliary Soldier (Common)