Demarcations of Status in Braelin

Every noble wears a pin with their heraldic crest over their heart, but those aren’t the only demarcations of status in the kingdom of Braelin. While these are not the be-all-end-all of symbols, they are often seen and easy for uses of identification.

Town or City Positions

Town Watch: A whistle worn on a cord around the neck.

Crier: Cravat in the primary color of the house served (no crest).

Courier: Gold and purple sash with the symbol of the monarchy.

Noble Household

Nobles and commoners who serve a particular noble house.

Diplomat: Sash across the chest, either in the colors of the household served, or a plain color with the coat of arms pinned/embroidered across.

Herald: Square silk scarf or cravat in the color of the household served, or pinned/emroidered with the coat of arms.

Retainer: Belt favor in the colors of the household served.

Noble Peerage

Nobles dedicated to the orders of knights or mages.

Squire: Thin, unadorned silver chain worn around the neck & badge of their knight master’s coat of arms worn on the upper right arm.

Knight: Thick, unadorned gold chain & (often) a shield with the coat of arms of their liege lord.

Retired Knight/Mage: Thick, unadorned black chain.

Brigadier Knight/Mage: Purple/Green neck ribbon with a white moonstone pendant.

General Knight/Mage: Silver chain of office (large links) set with white moonstone and winegrain/magepith.

High General Knight/Mage: Gold chain of office set with white moonstone and winegrain/magepith.