Off-Site Gatherings

Hello everyone, as we move into the off-season there have been discussions of having “off-site Eras gatherings” to help people quench their thirst for more LARP. I would like to formally acknowledge that the Eras Chronicles gives official approval for a player organized gathering outside of the normal Eras schedule as long as the following criteria are met:

1.) If any member of the Eras Chronicles Staff is invited to the gathering, the gathering must be made open to everyone associated with the game to attend and must be formally announced on the facebook page.

2.) If any member of the Eras Chronicles Staff is to attend a gathering, that staff member will be participating as a “Gathering NPC” who will only appear during gatherings performed outside of normal Eras events. These NPC’s will be available via letters but will not be present in game. If anyone has specific questions on this policy please direct them to