Winter 2015: The State of Braelin

Winter 2015
The State of Braelin

As the leaves of autumn turn red, so too do the waters of the Thalassa Sea and the streets of Belváros. During the waning days of Autumnrise, a great naval battle was waged between Braelin and Seren that will certainly be talked about for years to come. Seeking to reinstate their blockade, the Braelinese moved in for the attack, but the Serenites were ready for them, and the Gavellese ships, like their Captains, turned traitor and left the rest of Braelin’s ships at the mercy of Seren. However, the Braelinese fought valiantly, and managed to win the day, cutting off Gavell from Seren by water. However, victory was not without its cost…

On land, the Braelinese siege on Belváros was broken. Serenite forces united, and with their knowledge of the area, determination, and underhanded tactics, they forced the Braelinese from their capital. It was more a slaughter than a defeat for the Braelinese, as the Serenites pursued the retreating soldiers and took few prisoners. Many of the Braelinese returning from the Black God’s realm have shown severe cases of war nerves.

In traitorous Gavell, Braelinese forces have established a fortress in Mereworth. This fortress is now a bastion for Gavellese loyalists seeking asylum, and a vital point from which to launch further incursions into the rebellious duchy. Such a foothold will help to secure Gavell’s isolation by water, as Braelin has regained control of the Kordiso River–if they can get rid of the pirates who continue to trawl the waters, that is.

Braelin and Xiros’ mountain borders have seen small-scale raids by groups of Beast-people, but little more. Will the conflict escalate, or have the Beast-people been driven back?

And lastly, as a result of the White Lotus’ maneuvers in Blacknall, the centralized leadership of the Coop has been silenced. It seems the head of the organization has been severed for good, but will the body fall as quickly?