Fall 2015: The State of Braelin

Fall 2015
The State of Braelin

The war with Seren, Braelin’s neighbor and rival to the east, is intensifying following a devastating surprise attack by Seren on Braelin’s Royal Progress celebration in Summerrise. Though Braelin has not responded with a large-scale offensive yet, skirmishes at the Wall continue, and the Braelinese base of operations in Seren–the conquered coastal town of Zala–remains unassailed. Each side seems to have hidden plans, ready to be unleashed: but only time will tell who the victor will be.

On the homefront, war has made daily life somewhat harder for Braelin’s loyal civilians. Food has been rationed, and towns seem a little more empty following the recruitment of many persons to become foot soldiers and sailors. Coastal towns in Stemma and Southlight ravaged by Serenite privateers are slowly rebuilding, but every day is a struggle.

And yet more trouble looms on the horizon: Tensions with Xiros are at an all-time high, as the Xirosi who wish for their nation to break away from Braelin have quickly become a louder voice and a stronger force than those loyalists who wish for Xiros to remain a protectorate of Braelin. Even after efforts at peace talks, the situation looks bleak. Could it be that Braelin will soon have a rebellion on its hands? What of the so-called Common Opposition, the group of anti-noble commoners who seem ready to stop at nothing to topple the traditional social order? And what about the rumors of growing trouble in Gavell?