A few skills additions and tweaks

Retreat, improved (2)  Pre-requisite: Retreat. Treat a Pierce as though it were an Unstoppable Takedown; treat a Slaughter as though it were an Unstoppable Cleave. Learnable physical skill retroactively applying to all purchases of the Retreat skill.

Quick death (2+)  Instead of counting “Death strike one, death strike two, death strike three,” you may instead call “Death” in any situation you might otherwise have applied a death strike. Learnable open skill. Countered by Thick-blooded.

The following clause has been added to the Shamanic sight ability: You may inspect someone in order to determine conclusively whether or not they have died within the past 24 hours. You cannot tell how they died, just whether or not they did.

Spell regeneration:
The following applies to any and all casters. If, during an encounter, you completely whiffed a spell or spells (ie, missed your target entirely), you may take 10 minutes in a non-combat zone to rest, relax, and/or meditate. At the end of the 10 minutes, you regain the use of your whiffed spell(s).

Professions update
The required training component for crafting professions such as blacksmith and furrier has been removed. Instead, these professions will progress like other crafting professions such as brewer, poisoner, and rune scholar, via the in-game practice of the profession in question.

Furthermore, unlocking a new level in a profession automatically unlocks all associated skills for purchase. Please note that you will not unlock the associated skills or benefits (including stipends) until you have unlocked and purchased the appropriate level.

Finally, from this point forward, characters are limited to 2 non-appointed professions. Appointed professions–such as mayor, foot soldier (non-officer), crier, judge, etc–do not count toward this cap. This is to reflect the reality that trying to hold down 2 jobs at a time is difficult even for the most organized person.