WORP Revision #5a: Using & Taking Skills

Magic: Buffs

  • When absorbing damage, magical armor is removed first, followed by normal armor, temporary vitality, and then vitality
  • On a single person, you may “stack” up to 10 magical armor, 10 temporary vitality, 1 Spell Shield, and 1 Reflect

Magic: Methods of Casting

  • Incantations are required for all spells and are in-game; thus, Silence renders a mage incapable of casting
    • Incantations must be at least 4 words long and indicate whether they are magical or thaumaturgical in nature
    • Standard magic incantation: “By the magic within”
    • Standard thaumaturgy incantation: “I call forth [element]”
  • All within the sound of my voice affects everyone who hears the call
  • Line-of-sight require the caster to point and make eye contact with the target
    • The caster must be holding an in-game focus item
    • The caster may not be holding anything else
  • Thrown spells are delivered via magic component from range
  • Touch-based require the caster to make physical contact with the target’s upper arm
  • Spellstruck are attached to a weapon strike and thus deal 1 vitality damage as well as the spell’s effect; these spells do not require a standard incant, but must instead be prefaced by the tag “Spellstruck”
  • Most spells are classified as thrown or touch-based, but some can be delivered via either method

Melee: Fist-Fighting

  • Anyone can technically throw a punch, and so fists are considered a non-proficient melee skill (do not use up a proficiency slot)
  • Using fists to defend yourself is possible, but you must take any vitality damage and/or skills that hit your fists unless you have the tough fists skill
  • Fists are immune to Disarm; call “No effect”

Melee: Weapon Strikes

  • All weapon strikes deal 1 vitality damage to the target, even if a skill call is attached
  • Skills dealing a specific amount of damage supersede the above rule; thus, Cleave deals 5 damage, not 6, even when delivered via weapon strike
  • If the weapon strike hits the target’s torso, it is considered “torso damage“; skills sometimes specify that they deal torso damage no matter where they land

Poisons & Toxins

  • Toxins are non-lethal poisons that mimic effects
    • Toxic [call]” signifies that you have been struck by a toxin
    • Toxic effects cannot be Parried, Tended, or negated by normal means; they can only Purified
  • Poisons are lethal and must be Purified within 5 minutes
  • Only someone with the Poison skill can successfully handle poisons and toxins without accidentally affecting themselves
  • Types of poison include:
    • Blade
      • Applied to bladed weapons and delivered via melee strike
      • Phys-repped by small cobalt-blue bottles with sealed black tops
      • An unsealed bottle signifies that the poison has been expended
    • Contact
      • Applied to items or objects and delivered when a victim touches the poisoned surface
      • Phys-repped by petroleum jelly
      • May not be used to coat clothing
    • Ingested
      • Placed into food or drink and delivered when a victim consumes it
      • Phys-repped by green and yellow Mike ‘n’ Ike candies
      • Green signifies a normal Poison effect
      • Yellow signifies an Unstoppable Poison effect
      • Only characters with Detect poison may detect the presence of ingested poison in food or drink
    • Inhalation
      • Placed into a room and delivered when a victim sees (inhales) the smoke it emits
      • Phys-repped by jasmine incense cones
      • Only characters with Detect poison may detect the presence of inhalation poison via the jasmine scent

Resistance versus Immunity

  • If you resist an effect, you must acknowledge that by stating, “Resist,” “No effect,” or “Parry” unless the skill specifically states otherwise
  • Calls with the “Unstoppable” tag cannot be resisted unless you have an immunity (“No effect”)
  • Resist” negates and expends the resisted effect
  • No effect” negates the resisted effect but does not expend the skill