WORP Revision #4: Weapons

Though we have revised weapons skills out of our skill lists, weapons are still an important part of the game. Because we want to ensure consistency and safety in weapon construction as well as aesthetic, our list of approved weapons and specifications has not changed. To reiterate, that list is as follows:

Weapon Total Length
Axe 18–56”, over 36” is considered two-handed
Bow 25-lbs. maximum draw
Buckler 14” maximum diameter, including padding
Cudgel 18–22”, no grip
Dagger 18–22”
Fists 12” maximum, coreless
Hammer 18–56”, over 36” is considered two-handed
Mace 26–56”, over 36” is considered two-handed
Pole weapon 56–66”, two-handed only
Shield 20” maximum width, 30” maximum height
Spear 36–66”, over 48” is considered two-handed
Staff 48–66”, two-handed only
Sword 26–56”, over 36” is considered two-handed

Additionally, weapons:

  • may not be constructed to catch or bind other weapons or participants
  • may not have both blunt and edged parts to them
  • may not incorporate vinyl electrical tape
  • must be one-piece constructions; in other words, no flails or nunchuks

Weapon guards and cages must be constructed of primarily tape and foam. Pole weapons, staves, and spears must have pipe insulation that covers the entire length of the shaft, including the head, and should be tested to ensure that they are not excessively heavy or whippy.

At character creation, everyone has the ability to select their character’s weapons proficiencies–ie, the weapons that their character knows how to use. However, to limit the potential for someone to choose an unrealistically wide range of weapons proficiencies at character creation, we are establishing the following restriction:

Characters whose primary focus is physical may select up to 3 different weapons proficiencies;
Characters whose primary focus is dexterity may select up to 2 different weapons proficiencies; and
Characters whose primary focus is magic may select 1 weapon proficiency.

If you want your character to be able to use a type of weapon beyond your selected proficiencies, you must train in that weapon with a trainer during 1 event, with a limit of 1 new weapon per event. After having done so, your character is considered to have developed an additional proficiency with that weapon.