WORP Revision #1: Armor Rewards

Hello from the world of the Winter Overhaul & Reorganization Project, otherwise known as the WORP! I am here today to explain our first revision in a series of updated systems and mechanics: the Armor Rewards system.

As you may know, we prize excellent costumes at our game and want to encourage our players to look their very best. This includes all those brave folks who choose to don genuine pieces or suits of armor. The thing about armor, however, is that it can prove too taxing to bother with–it’s heavy and cumbersome, it’s exhausting to wear over long periods of time, it’s hard to put on and take off, it requires careful out-of-game upkeep… The list goes on. Thus during the WORP meetings we’ve thus far held with our players, a few people have noted that wearing armor just isn’t worth it. This revision sets out to address this concern and to offset the practical disadvantages of wearing genuine armor by providing tangible in-game benefits.

Please note that “genuine armor” is any armor made from the material the armor is meant to represent: plate- and chainmail made from metal, leather armor made from sturdy armor-grade leather. These benefits apply only to genuine armor, not to facsimiles or representations of armor.

Leather & Augmented Armor Rewards

  • Qualification: You must be wearing a jerkin or other full chest and back covering in an appropriate material, plus enough armor in other locations to sum 9 points.
  • Reward: For every time that you repair your armor to its full value, you may resist 1 Toxic or Poison call that strikes you as long as you still have any amount of armor points left.

Chain Armor Rewards

  • Qualification: You must be wearing a chainmail shirt plus enough armor in other locations to sum 11 points.
  • Reward: Each of your armor points protects you from 2 points of damage instead of 1. For the purposes of repair, you need to fix 11 points; but for the purposes of taking damage, your armor can absorb 22 points of damage. This reward is an exception to the normal 20-point cap on armor value.

Plate Armor Rewards

  • Qualification: You must be wearing a chestplate plus plate armor pieces in at least 2 additional locations on your body (head, shoulders, arms, legs).
  • Reward: When your armor is at its full value, you do not take any damage from uncalled melee strikes (ie, weapon strikes without a skill call attached to them). As soon as you take damage from any called skill or spell (for example, “Maim,” “Dart,” “Knockdown,” etc), your armor fractures and you begin to take damage as usual.

Stacking Armor

Some people stack different types of armor; for example, layering a leather jerkin over a chainmail shirt. You may continue to stack your armor in this way, but must choose 1 type of reward that will apply to your way of wearing that armor throughout the life of your character.

Multiple Sets of Armor

You may bring more than 1 suit of armor to “swap out” in-game. However, the following rules apply:

  • You may not have more than 1 suit of armor per reward type.
  • Suits of armor must be fully distinct from one another; you may not overlap pieces or otherwise share pieces from one suit to another.
  • You must designate 1 suit of armor as your “main” suit. This is the only suit that begins the game at its full armor value. Any others must be repaired to their full values in-game before they qualify for rewards.