Feast Cancelled; Updates on the WORP

Greetings, friends! I regret to inform you that, because we did not reach our requisite cap of 15 players, we have to cancel the upcoming feast event. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you at our Spring 2015 event (April 10-12). Although we won’t be having an official feast, I would still like to try for a less formal meet-and-greet or mixer. Please stand-by for further details and developments along this line!

Regarding the WORP, staff has been hard at work over the past few months. A few things which you can expect to see at the end:

  • A newly streamlined list of skills
  • Improved professions systems
  • Improved organizational experiences
  • Some edited economics (also known as: Wow, I can afford to fix my armor now!)
  • Buffs for wearing real physical armor

…and more!

Stay tuned, and in the meantime I hope everyone is well and staying warm during the long, cold winter. Our warmest regards to all of you!