Information & Updates re: Spring 2014

Hello, Éras-goers! This is an announcement primarily directed at the registered attendees for the Spring 2014 event.

As of right now, we have 5 confirmed staffers for an event hosting 25 players. There are a few staffers we are still waiting to hear back from, and so this number might increase within the next week or so, but for now we are operating under the assumption that we will have 5 staffers total. Running an event with this number of people will not be impossible, but it will mean that staff time and energy will have to be carefully directed. With this in mind, we are making sure that you, our players, know the constraints of our resources and ask for your understanding and forbearance during the upcoming event.

In an effort to relieve the pressure on our staffers and to ensure that players do not suffer delays in progression due to staff absence, the following revisions to training rules are in effect for the Spring event:

  1. Players will have the opportunity to volunteer as crunchies in exchange for training credit on whatever skills they are currently training. Thus, if at any point during the event you say to yourself, “Now is about the time I would normally want to train,” you may choose to come to staff center and crunch for a while.
  2. Players will have the opportunity to self-train skills, even learnable skills for which they would normally require a teacher, as long as they practice with one or more other people. Thus, if you are training the instant tend skill, you may pick a partner(s) and train for ~45 minutes with that person. If you choose to take this route, we recommend that you think about a suitable training regimen before the event. We do not require that you submit training plans for staff approval but we do ask that you keep track of what you do and log it in your PEL following the event.

Additionally, as many of you know, we are currently undertaking a massive re-haul of our systems and mechanics, specifically related to professions. We are interested in obtaining player feedback on specific professions before releasing any formalized documents, as you are the ones who have experienced the professions in-play and first-hand. However, this does leave us in somewhat of a limbo, where the old rules are still in-play even though new ones are under consideration. For the purposes of training credit and progression, assume that all old rules are still valid until you are specifically notified otherwise. Note too that we want to allow players to make unhurried decisions about character changes and, as such, all players have until our Fall 2014 event to make any desired changes to their builds/professions. Formalized documents will be released separately over a period of time instead of all at the same time. Thank you for your continued patience in this matter.

Finally, we are implementing a new hard-start system at this event, whereby our player meeting will begin promptly at 8:30pm on Friday evening and game-on will be called immediately following the meeting’s end. In order to support this schedule, set-up efforts will concentrate on prepping all in-game areas in time for the game-on call. Set-up may continue behind the scenes as needed after game-on, and so we ask that players understand that staff activity on Friday close to game-on may be somewhat limited, and will pick up once all aspects of setting-up have been completed.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming event! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Thanks!