Feast 2014 announced

ImageSir Triston Hargreve, eldest son and heir to Baronet Gerard Hargreve of Hytheleigh Manor in Esos, Stemma to the good citizens of Ravensgate, subjects and vassals of the right honorable Count Henry Marcheford, much venerated Brigadier General of the White Lotus, and worthy friend of Hytheleigh, his most kind greeting.

The intention to hold a grand festival has been announced recently in Esos, in honor of the birth-day of Her Highness Princess Valencia Odell and proceeding from 29th Springrise through 5th Thawing. To the general celebrations taking place throughout the city during this time House Hargreve intends to add its own festivities, including a crafters’ showcase and silent auction, a storytelling contest, and several martial competitions.

In light of this, and in honor of the longstanding bond of friendship which exists between Hytheleigh and Ravensgate, it is my, Sir Triston Hargreve’s wish that Hytheleigh remain open to you, the citizens of Ravensgate, as honored guests for the duration of the festival.

If it please you to accept this, Hytheleigh’s invitation, I humbly request your response in writing by no later than 14th Springrise, so that arrangements may be made for your stay. Such responses should also include any intentions to participate in the various competitions, as listed and explained in further detail below. Letters may be addressed to Maurice Clark, herald, at Hytheleigh Manor, Esos.

And we of Hargreve shall petition the gods for the continued health of your lord, Count Henry Marcheford, and for the further prosperity of Ravensgate. Witness my, Sir Triston Hargreve’s hand, at Esos, on the 9th of Winterfall in the year 1214.

* * * * *

            We write to you today with this, our formal invitation to the forthcoming Feast event of the Éras Chronicles.  You may send your registration through the contact page on this website: eraschronicles.com/contact.

            Registration will remain open until 11:59pm on Friday, March 14, 2014.  Please note that we will not accept any registrations after that date, as we will allocate our food budget based on our March 15th head-count.

The full and complete details of the aforementioned event are as follows:

Saturday, March 29
Check-in will commence Saturday at 10:00 for an 11:00am start; check-out will be around 8:00pm.
Participants are invited to come early, Friday, March 28 and/or to stay until Sunday, March 30, as desired. Contact us for more details about sleeping arrangements and logistics.

Resica Falls campsite
1200 Resica Falls Road
East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

Pre-paid, per player:   
Pre-paid, per staffer:    $15

One day’s worth of entertainment and a full meal in the evening are included.

* * * * *

The Festivities at Hytheleigh


  The following competitions and events shall take place over the course of the day, 29th Springrise, 1214 at Hytheleigh Manor, ancestral holding of House Hargreve.

Crafters’ Showcase
To be held throughout the morning and afternoon.
Peasants and artisans wishing to show and sell raw or crafted goods are invited to do so.

Silent Auction
To be held throughout the day, with winners announced at the end of the feast.
Several renowned artisans from the Queen’s Belt will auction items of their own creation.

Grand Melee
To be held in the early afternoon.
Commoners may test their mettle in a free-for-all style melee competition. Entry fee 3 coppers per person, to be gathered into one large purse going to the winner.

Storytelling Contest

To be held during the feast before the gathered nobility, who shall serve as judges.
Performers may present stories, not exceeding seven minutes in total length, in the form of a short play or recitation. The winning story will be recorded and illuminated by a scribe, to be  presented to the winner at a later date, and a contract of patronage may be extended by Sir Triston Hargreve or his brother, the gentle lord Colton Beauvais.

To be held in the afternoon.
Nobles may test their mettle in a behourd style melee competition. Entry fee 1 silver per person, to be gathered into one large purse, doubled by House Hargreve, and then split evenly among the winning team.

Wine Tasting
To be held in the evening, prior to the feast.
Nobles wishing to sample several Gavellese vintages are invited to do so.

Additionally, there will be music, dancing, shows from local performers, games of dogball, and other entertainments. The night will end with a celebratory feast open to all guests.