Updates as of July 2013

The following updates and edits are being incorporated into our system, effective immediately:

New Armor Classification: Augmented Leather
Augmented leather armor is defined as wooden armor (plates of wood mounted on and/or held together with leather) or any leather armor set with metal plates.  Please note that leather armor bearing small leather studs as accent work or decoration does not qualify for this classification of armor.  The plate or wooden augmentation of the leather base adds to the value of the armor, but has specialized requirements for repair.  The total value of this type of armor is:

  • Helm: 1
  • Shoulders: 1 / 2
  • Chest: 3
  • Arms: 1 / 4
  • Legs: 1 / 4

This type of armor repairs as per standard leather armor, with the exception of the final point for the arms, legs, and chest, which must be repaired as per the specifications below:

  • Wooden augmentation: 2 leather scraps
  • Plate augmentation: 1 metal ring

Non-Lethal Poison Call: “Toxic”
The poisoner profession allows a poisoner to create substances replicating certain skills that are non-lethal but nevertheless poisonous.  These replicated skills act as per their regular descriptions but cannot be countered by normal means; however, they may be instantly negated by the Purify skill.

For example, a poisoner might create a blade-based poison allowing the wielder of the blade one Weaken, as per the Weaken skill.  On his very next strike, the wielder would call, “Toxic Weaken.”  This signifies that the target immediately takes the effect of the Weaken skill, until it runs its full duration or the target is purified as per the Purify skill.

Please note that non-lethal poisons are still considered illegal unless handled by a legally licensed individual.  Each poison bottle will be labeled with the skill it grants from here on out, usually via a sticker on the bottom of the bottle; if unlabeled, assume that the poison in question is a standard lethal poison.

Training System: Open Skills
Open skills may be trained as though they fell under a primary focus, minus one, to a minimum of one.  The CP cost for all open skills trained in-game is 0.  Thus, training the Literacy skill in-game means that, after two events of lessons, Literacy would automatically appear on your character sheet at no cost.  Please note that you may never train any open skills costing one CP.

Clarification about the Practice of Dueling
Having received a few questions about the practice of dueling in Braelin, we want to clarify briefly that, by law, only nobles are allowed to initiate or participate in duels.  More information about the practice can be found in the appendix entitled “Braelinese Laws and Culture,” a copy of which has been placed into every player folder.

Clarification about re-attuning Enchanted staves or weapons
Enchanted staves and weapons, if dispelled, destroyed, or otherwise de-attuned, require two (2) augmentation runes to repair and re-attune.

Clarification about Improved incapacitate versus Escape bonds
A typo in the Improved incapacitate skill description incorrectly states that the Escape bonds skill can be used as a counter.  This is not true!  Only the Escape skill can be used to counter Improved incapacitate.

This is everything for today, but please keep an eye out for more updates in the near future, specifically regarding professions and thaumaturgy. Thank you, everyone!