So commences the Recognition of Excellence!

Hello all! Since we have technically reached the end of our first season, we’d like to institute a bi-annual tradition known henceforth and forevermore as the Recognition of Excellence (TM). The tradition follows thusly–At the end of a season, the staff will nominate a list of players who stood out in three different categories: Most Excellent Costume, Most Excellent Cultural Portrayal, and Most Excellent General Roleplay. All players will be invited to submit their votes for one of the nominees in each category. Each person gets one vote per category. Votes will be accepted only per email (

Additionally we will be taking nominations for a fourth category, known as Most Badass Moment. Again, each person may nominate one person (other than themselves); all nominations should be submitted to our email. The Most Badass Moment may be drawn from any of the events which took place that season–so, for this season, the Feast as well as Summer 2013.

Nominations for the fourth category will be due in by next Friday, June 21 at 11:59pm, after which point all four lists of nominees will be published to the group and general voting will begin. May the odds be ever in your favor…