A Quick Note, post-Event (also, PEL deadlines)

Hello everyone!  We wanted to say thank you once again to all of our players and staff–you guys really brought our world to life in a fantastic way.  Your ongoing enthusiasm and creativity continue to blow me away and I’m really looking forward to our Fall event in September.

Now that this event is over it’s time to hear your feedback. PELs will be due on Sunday, June 16 at 11:59pm. Information about our preferred formatting can be found in the Rulebook (pg. 86-87); a quick “Words of Advice” is available here [https://eraschronicles.com/2013/03/16/words-of-advice-how-to-write-a-good-pel/] if you are interested to read about what we consider a good PEL.

June 16th is also the deadline for this BGS period’s writing contest. Everyone is invited to submit a story, poem, journal entry, or other piece of writing about something that happened in-game this event. Pieces do not necessarily have to be about your character–they can be about something that you witnessed or heard about–but they may not exceed 250 words in total. The winner’s entry will be featured on the front page of the website while other entries will be posted on the “Stories from Our Participants” page.

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. We’re all excited to hear what you guys have to say, and to see you again in future.