Public Service Announcement to the Citizens of Ravensgate


By order of the Right Honorable Count Henry Marcheford, Brigadier General Knight of the Order of the White Lotus, and in tandem with his squire and acting-forester of Ravensgate, Master Tahrin Rhonesri, esq., is this message posted.

Criminal activity involving the manufacture and smuggling of illegal substances has been recently observed in the areas immediately surrounding the town of Ravensgate.

Do not be alarmed!  The Watch is aware of this smuggling ring and has arranged a number of additional patrols aimed at safeguarding the law-abiding citizens of Ravensgate from exposure to these criminals.  The investigation into these matters is on-going and a number of suspects have already been ruled out at this time.

However, the Watch is also calling upon you, the people of Ravensgate, to aid in their efforts.  Anyone with information or news as to the source of these activities or the persons responsible for them are urged to come forth at once and report their findings to acting-forester Tahrin Rhonesri.  Those able to offer news which is useful in solving these crimes and shutting down the illegal activities currently underway will be properly rewarded.

To help increase the awareness and ability of citizens to identify potential perpetrators, a list of the most-commonly encountered illegal substances and their associated side-effects are listed below:

The substance known as “Blacksmith” appears most often before battles or anticipated conflicts due to its ability to grant imbibers a certain amount of magical armor.  Users of the substance may seem somewhat sluggish or unusually relaxed in the face of danger.

By contrast, “Crimson Dragon” is a substance with moderate healing properties which crops up after battles or armed struggle.  Its usage is particularly difficult to track, since its side-effects closely resemble those of alcohol–imbibers appear inebriated or giddy.

“Mageward” is a substance which cloaks imbibers in the protective magic of a Spell Shield; as such, it is extremely popular even in everyday situations.  Its side-effects are quite subtle, involving the loss of feeling in certain parts of the body.  Citizens should be alert for anyone complaining of numbness or a pins-and-needles sensation in his or her extremities.

The substance known as “Pirate’s Blood” is an especially insidious one and is typically used by bandits, pirates, and other scoundrels involved in armed assault for its effects in augmenting an imbiber’s physical prowess.  Its danger lies in the fact that users under its influence act unusually and implacably aggressive toward others.

Another extremely common substance sometimes used in tandem with other illegal substances, “Southlight Shipwreck” is by all accounts a catch-all restorative.  Because of its potent and stimulating properties, imbibers exhibit an unnatural level of energy and vigor immediately following its consumption.

Finally, “Surge” is a substance particularly favored among mercenaries and soldiers going into melee combat, as it enables them to enter into a state of frenzied battle-rage.  Its users can be identified by their strange jumpiness or unwarranted suspicion toward others.