Words of Advice: Maintaining an In-game Economy

Hello all, after reading a few PELs we have been inspired to make the following announcement for your consideration:

One of the hardest things about running a LARP is attempting to create (and maintain) a legitimate working economy. We on staff have done our best to create a system with a clearly defined supply-and-demand that creates both a need to obtain and then an impetus to spend money and keep coin circulating through the game. But we can only do so much! You on player-side can help by keeping a couple of things in mind.

The first is to be willing to spend your money, not just on items but also on services. (Remember to tip, too! It is realistic, will help support characters whose funds are dependent on tips, AND it will garner better service for you.) The second is never to be afraid to charge another person for a good or for services rendered, even if the charge is modest. There is a general trend in LARPing worlds to be very altruistic; and we don’t want to discourage people from well-placed altruism, but keep in mind that if your normal policy is to charge (even modestly), when you do give or do something for free, the gesture will actually mean something to you and the other person.

These are just things to consider as we move forward together with the world.