1 Addendum and 3 Clarifications


Effective immediately, the following skill has been added to the royal mage profession:

Improved casting (3)  Pre-requisite: Improved enchanted weapon.  This skill allows you to cast spells without the required incantation (“by the magic within”).  Infinite-use skill.


1. Regarding the Draining skill–The skill description reads, “A Spell Shield or Reflect counters the loss of one (1) vitality.”  Specifically, this means that anyone affected by the Draining skill can resist one point of vitality being drained away in order to prevent him- or herself from immediately falling unconscious.  For instance, if you have five (5) vitality and someone calls, “By the magic within, I drain you six vitality” while making contact with you, you may call, “Resist, Spell Shield” or “Resist, Reflect” in order to negate one point of vitality loss.  In this scenario, you would be drained of four (4) vitality, resist the loss of one, and the sixth and final point of draining would be wasted.

2. Touch-based versus packet-based spells.  There is an in-game distinction between touch- and packet-based skills.  If a spell’s description specifies that it is “packet-based,” or mentions that you must throw a packet, then that skill is packet-based; if the description specifies that it is “touch-based,” or mentions that you must make contact with the target, then that skill is touch-based.  You may not cast a touch-based skill via packet, or a packet-based skill via touch.  (You may, however, touch a target with a packet and cast a packet-based spell from arm’s length.)

3. Special naming traditions: Zikarians and Xiros.  Please note that both the Xiros and the Zikarian cultures have specific naming traditions which do not necessarily follow those of the rest of Braelin.  If you are interested in playing a character from either of these cultures, please inquire for details about these traditions before you settle on a name for your character.