Folkloric Fridays, Part VII: Sir Brandeles la Hale, “the Merciful Knight”

Sir Brandeles la Hale, “the Merciful Knight.”  A member of the famed Circle of Five, Sir Brandeles traveled around Braelin challenging nobles and knights who were causing trouble for the King; he won nearly every bout he undertook, but spared each of his vanquished foes with the caveat that, one day, he might call upon them to remember the favor.  When a fleet of Serenite pirates seized Revma, then, Sir Brandeles summoned each and every noble or knight who owed him a favor; the resulting host was one of the largest, most impressive, and most varied in Braelinese history.  The ensuing battle was fierce, bringing Sir Brandeles face to face with the Serenite captain, a woman by the name of Mariska Nemes who was renowned for her swordsmanship and wild successes on the sea.  After a long bout, Sir Brandeles finally managed to best her; but instead of taking her prisoner or executing her, he spared Nemes’ life.  Filled with respect for both his skill and his mercy, Captain Nemes agreed to peace negotiations.  Throughout their lives, the two would meet again several times, often on friendly terms.