Tuesday Tales, Part IV: Sybell Allard, Chosen of the Brown God

Sybell Allard, chosen of the Brown God.  Sybell Allard was a particularly hearty and strong-willed Traveler living in Éras in the fifth century.  She grew extremely sickly for a time with a severe disease that no healer could identify; but her body and will proved strong and she recovered after two weeks of hovering dangerously between life and death.  A short time after her recovery, Allard was out collecting berries by herself.  She noticed a deer grazing about her for some time, but thought nothing of it—until it suddenly looked up and addressed her, “Dear mortal, no fear—I mean you no harm.  I am the one you call ‘the Brown God’ and you have been deemed worthy of my attention.  You would be a fine addition to my retinue of helpers, if you would accomplish a task I have in mind for you.”  Honored, Allard agreed and was asked to collect a stone from the well of six towns spread all across the known world.

Allard, excited to announce her status to the world, pushed her band to travel further and faster than normal despite the dangers, and she succeeded in collecting the stones.  In her wake, however, a strange and virulent plague—not unlike the disease she had originally contracted—caught, and thousands of people died, starting with her entire band.  It was only after she had finished her travels and completed her task that Allard stopped to rest and witness the devastation that she had wrought.  Overcome with grief and fearful of spreading the disease further, Allard disappeared into the Paranomos and was never heard from again.