A Prelude to Folkloric Fridays & Tuesday Tales

We currently have a handful of stories and lore that will eventually be collected into our “Common Stories and Lore” appendix; but we do not yet have quite enough to fill out the whole thing for release.  However, because they are supposed to be common knowledge, we’d like to start releasing a few of the ones we do have for our participants’ perusal.  It is with this goal in mind that we will be posting on a bi-weekly basis–Tuesdays and Fridays–with a new story each time.

Participants are always welcome to contribute; we ask simply that you keep the following rules and guidelines in mind:

Players are allowed and encouraged to come up with original stories to tell and/or record in-game, with the understanding that all such tales are considered to have the same disclaimer that is applied to in-game writings across the board.

Please recall that Éras is not Narnia, Middle-earth, the Dreamlands, Never-land, Discworld, Westeros, or any other fantasy-based world; it is, instead, its own world.  Although it is permissible to draw inspiration from other worlds or from common tropes, you should strive to avoid making outright copies of another world’s tales or lore.

Work submitted for in-game credit toward a profession or title must conform to the following to be considered valid:
            1. Stories must consist of two to five pages, single-spaced, size-12 Times New Roman or equivalent font.
            2. Poems must be at least twenty-eight lines in total length.
            3. Songs must be at least eight measures in length, with the lyrics and the melody included.  (Recordings are especially appreciated in this case.)
            4. All work submitted in this manner must be completely original.

Because not everyone has a talent for writing and composing songs, the Éras Chronicles does allow and encourage players to bring real-world songs into game to share.  However, we ask the following:
            1. Avoid any song that sounds modern.  Both the lyrics and the tune should be period-appropriate for a medieval setting.
            2. Avoid any song that is a widespread popular hit, especially if it is also recent, since these songs tend to disrupt immersion.
            3. If a song sounds period-appropriate but its lyrics reference a real-world place, name, date, and/or event, please alter those lyrics to something more period- or setting-appropriate.  For instance, “On a January’s night” should be changed to “On a winter’s night.”

 Note that determinedly and/or deliberately ignoring the above rules may qualify you for a rules violation on the basis of disrupting the in-game atmosphere.

 The following stories and songs are widely known throughout Braelin and its protectorates.  In the same way that certain real-world stories have achieved such great fame that the average man on the street can sum up their basic plot-points, the Braelinese stories herein presented are described in summary.  Players are welcome and encouraged to expand on the basic summaries as they see fit; we ask only that your versions of these stories follow or incorporate the specific details as provided in order to maintain consistency within a given legend or tale.