Rulebook revisions

Hello everyone!

The Rulebook has been officially updated to a second edition form.  Specific changes are listed below:

Professions.  Many of the professions’ descriptions have been edited and expanded to reflect the developmental work that has taken place over the past several months. [pg. 45-50]

Buckler & Shield skills.  The skill descriptions for Buckler and Shield have been edited to incorporate the following change: “while peasants and artisans may decorate their bucklers/shields as they see fit, only nobles may display specific coats-of-arms.”  [pg. 27, 108]

Gems.  A section about in-game gems has been added.  [pg. 74]

Sabotage.  A section about in-game sabotage has been added.  [pg. 77]

Disguises.  The existing section about in-game disguises has been expanded and clarified to explain the following change:  “it is permissible to don a “disguise” if—and only if—it does not completely alter your character’s appearance.  Essentially, other player-characters must be able to readily make out your character’s true identity with minimal effort.”  The exact details and implications of this statement are more fully fleshed out in the section itself.  [pg. 65-66]

Silly string.  A new mechanical note involving the in-game use of silly string has been added.  [pg. 71]

Herbal Food and Drink; Illegal Substances.  Two sections about herbal food & drink and illegal substances have been added.  [pg. 76-77]

In-game Dreams.  A section outlining the mechanics of in-game dreams has been added.  [pg. 65]

Donations rules.  The donations section has been edited and expanded to incorporate specific rules about commissioned or handmade items.  [pg. 19-20]

Weapons rentals.  The section regarding the construction of boffer weapons has been edited and expanded to incorporate the following changes:  “Although we encourage all of our players to build their own weapons, there are other ways to obtain a boff weapon.  You can purchase a weapon online; you can commission another person to make the weapon on your behalf (please contact the GMs for referrals); or you can pay a nominal $5.00 convenience fee to rent a weapon from the Eras Chronicles for the duration of one (1) event.   Please make sure to contact us well before that event’s registration period closes, or we will be unable to process your request in time for the event.”  [pg. 55]

Armor rules.  The section regarding our armor rules has been edited to incorporate the following changes:  “Different kinds of armor stack on top of one another, which means that you may wear a chain-mail shirt underneath plate-mail pauldrons and receive all of their attributed armor points.  However, there is a specific armor cap in place in order to assure that the armor system is not abused—no person may, at any given time, have more than a combined total of twenty (20) armor points.  You may never exceed this armor cap, unless you purchase the Armor expertise skill, even if you decide to wear more armor than your character can technically use.”  [pg. 54]

Intercept skill.  The skill description for the Intercept skill has been edited to reflect the following clarifications about its intended usage:  “Once per event, you are able to sacrifice yourself to save another person by taking the effect of any non-stealth based skill that would otherwise harm or kill its target.”  [pg. 25]