Welcome to the Kingdom of Braelin

Founded in 2012, The Éras Chronicles is a medieval, low-fantasy LARP, that runs out of Camp Faire Play in Montrose, Pennsylvania. You as a player will determine your level of involvement in the world and the plot. Creatures that you can hunt and combat will wander the woods; gates to other realms will open at random times around the town; strangers will come to the tavern to share a story and a drink—but it is ultimately up to you, the player, to choose who or what to interact with.

It is late, the land is wet, and we have been traveling for some time. My new companion Pascal and my brother-in-law Olin are on our way back from Caxton, pulling Olin’s shipments of ale in tow. The mood has been dark since leaving that land, conversation has been sparse on the open road. My mood darkens still more when I must again leave my beloved wife and my young son with allies in Westvale.

Eventually the mood lightens as we make our way towards Ravensgate. Pascal tells us stories along the open road, while Olin practices his selling skills for his prize ale…. I find myself speaking little, after all… unless one is telling stories, one should listen, and speak little.
The sun has set, but we can see the faint lights of the town. I mutter something about weak Caxtoner eyes as they light the lantern, it was then when I saw him. Pale and wet, Bricks tied to his feet, flowers gripped his gnarled hand. I spent much time with the spirit and allowed it to speak to me for a time.
My fascination with the spirit was such that I forgot to ask the poor soul’s name before being forced back on the road by Olin and Pascal. Once I realized my mistake, I turned yet the spirit was gone, this caused me no end of frustration as I continued, day in and day out, to seek out the drowned soul of Ravensgate.
 by Adam Lazaroff (Jacamaou)
When Adam and I first discussed the ideas that have become the Éras Chronicles, we never expected to start a game. I was voraciously reading about LARPs from around the world, Adam was devising a character-building system that was a radical departure from anything we’d seen in other games, and both of us were eager to talk about it. There were a lot of strange, wonderful concepts bouncing around, but it was really just spit-balling. Suddenly, though, we stopped and realized that we truly had something here, that a whole world and mechanical system had formed—and I was incredibly excited, because I knew that, in taking the game from concept to reality and allowing others to continue building on our foundation, Éras was going to become something special. (read more)
Hilary Umbreit
General Manager
October 9, 2012
Back in early 2012, thanks in large part to Hilary, I started taking an interest in LARP theory. At this point I had held a significant role on one game’s staff and played in a few others, and had come up with some ideas about how I would build a LARP. So naturally, guided by my left brain, I put together a system of mechanics designed to allow people the freedom to completely customize their characters, but which was balanced enough to ensure a level playing field. (read more)
Adam Selby
General Manager
October 9, 2012